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EP-MAK1K Real Pro Ultra Prestige – National Massage Chair

EP-MAK1K Real Pro Ultra Prestige


The EPMAK1K massage chair is our newest and most intuitive, personal luxury massage experience. It is designed to help you achieve therapeutic
muscle relaxation and increased blood flow throughout your body to promote good health. With over 60 airbags and a new LED display the EPMAK1K features a new highly responsive 3D Massage System over 78 years in the making.
Our unique 3D Massage System is comprised of 3 collaborative elements; Thermal Massage Technology, Professional Massage
Techniques and Professional Stretching Techniques, which work in concert to produce a professional quality massage experience in
the comfort of your own home.

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• Featuring 7 types of massage technique, 6 automatic massage courses and a touch panel.

• Strengthened STRETCH course to cover the neck, back, lower back, core, pelvis and leg muscles

• Hand & arm massage enables ultra-knead on palms and forearms by individually operated air bags

• HIP massage provides lifting buttocks up by air bags to stimulate hip and piriformis muscles which helps relieve lower back fatigue

• Upgraded leg massage performance with full coverage of rear knee, calf while massaging by air bags and rollers simultaneously

• Heat Massage program provides warm massage experience to the whole body

• Touch panel for adjusting the massaging course and selecting the body part with higher flexibility

• User registration for storing your personalized massage setting in memory

• 5 levels of back massage and air massage intensity to cater the needs of different body part

• Adjustable leg rest to suit users with different heights

• Advanced 3D body sensor measures body shape and determines massage area more precisely and accurately by using body pressure sensor and optical sensors

• Electronic reclining control (120 DEGREE-170 DEGREE)

• 79cm (H) x 85cm (W) x 200cm (D) (when reclined)


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