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EP-MAG3K/TU Real Pro Ultra Prestige – National Massage Chair
(1 customer review)

EP-MAG3K/TU Real Pro Ultra Prestige


The EPMAG3K massage chair is our most intuitive, personal luxury massage experience. It is designed to help you achieve therapeutic
muscle relaxation and increased blood flow throughout your body to promote good health. Inspired by centuries-old Chinese massage
techniques the EPMAG3K features a new highly responsive 3D Massage System over 78 years in the making.
Our unique 3D Massage System is comprised of 3 collaborative elements; Thermal Massage Technology, Professional Massage
Techniques and Professional Stretching Techniques, which work in concert to produce a professional quality massage experience in
the comfort of your own home.

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  • Revolutionary thermal massage heads for a warm massage (neck, shoulder, back)
  • A Shiatsu thermal foot massage gently soothes tired feet
  • 3 dimensional massage mechanism
    – up/down movement (approx. 78 cm)
    – adjustable left/right movement (approx. 5-21 cm)
    – front/back movement (approx. 10 cm)
  • Shoulder massage and stretch functions: airbags hold both sides of the shoulders as massage heads knead the back
  • Pelvis stretch function, airbags hold the pelvis as the massage heads knead the lower back
  • Leg stretch/calf kneading functions – airbags massage sides and back of the calves
  • soothing neck stretching gently decompresses the spine
  • 2 zone arm massage
  • Auto body scanning system
  • 108 Massage technique combinations
  • Pre-programmed full body massages: Refresh, Deep, Shiatsu, Hip, Neck/Shoulder, Lower back
  • Customize your own programs
  • Backrest reclining angle: up to 170 degrees
  • Variable speed & intensity control
  • Fold away arm and leg rests
  • High quality synthetic leather with plush pillow stitching
  • Comes in 2 Colours: Black(K) and Brown(TU)
  • Endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association 5 years parts, 5 years labour warranty, in home service*

1 review for EP-MAG3K/TU Real Pro Ultra Prestige

  1. ianvicki

    We do like this chair it’s comfortable, works well, and looks good too. We specially like the fact that it is made and backed by a company like Panasonic. Daniel at the Commercial Drive location was VERY knowledgable and helpful. I believe he is selling these things just about as fast as they come in (which is both good news and bad news for the consumer) Comparatively the price was reasonable and I definitely felt the value was there… Thanks Daniel.

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