What conditions are your pre-owned chairs like

We completely overhaul and test all pre-owned chairs before they proceed to the showroom. Only after we are completely satisfied with it’s performance, will we list the chair.  To instill customer confidence, we also include a 3 month protection warranty* with all our pre-owned chairs.

Do you take trade in’s and consignments sales

Yes we do.  We welcome all used Panasonic Chairs as trade in’s. Consignment sales are also an option.

Panasonic Chairs have 3D. What is 3D and why is it so important

3-D is the ability for the massage heads to adjust 3 dimension-ally. In other words, the mechanism can adjust up-down, wider-narrower, and in-out. Why is this so important? Because every body is different, the more adjust ability means a more accurate massage. So why doesn’t every company use the same 3D feature? Because it’s a patented system used exclusively by Panasonic.

Who repairs Panasonic Massage Chair’s in Vancouver

We are the authorized service centre for the greater Vancouver area, servicing all areas of the lower mainland, including, Richmond, Burnaby, Squamish, Whistler, Fraser Valley and Victoria. With over 25 years experience with Panasonic, we are confident that  we can tackle any issues you encounter.

Is Panasonic’s warranty covered nationwide

Yes, all Panasonic massage chairs are covered nationwide. There are over 30 service centres available to service your chair.

How can Panasonic provide In home Service where other brands cannot

Panasonic chairs are designed to be repaired at home. Easy access allows the technician to quickly service the chair. And if needed, Panasonic’s patented massage block system can easily be removed from the chair and serviced without actually having the chair leave the home.

Now think about the alternative. Think about lugging a 200 pound chair down a flight of stairs and out into your car. Are you willing risk damaging your chair, your car, your back  or your home? With a Panasonic Massage Chair, there is no need to worry.

Are Parts readily available for Panasonic Chairs

Absolutely. This is what separates Panasonic from many of it’s competitors. After all, what good is having a warranty if you can’t supply parts. Panasonic of Canada fully supports all their products. From the smallest screw to the leather pillow, Panasonic has parts available for all their massage chairs.

If I buy a Panasonic Massage Chair from the US, is the warranty still valid in Canada?

Unfortunately Chairs purchased in the US can only be warrantied in the US. This is because all electronic products must be ULC approved before being allowed into Canada. For some products, buying in the US makes sense but for as for a major purchase such as a massage chair we definitely recommend buying local.  Although prices can be competitive on the other side of the border, once you factor in the  warranty combined with duty and shipping costs, not only would the purchase be more expensive but actually quite risky.

What’s Panasonic’s warranty policy on their massage chairs

In Canada, all Panasonic Realpro Massage Chairs come with a 3 year parts, 5 year labour warranty while Urban models come with a 3 year parts, 1 year labour warranty. In home service is provided for customers who live within 50km of the nearest Panasonic authorized service centre.